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COVID-19 Solutions

As our customers adapt to meet the needs of their clients and end users, we have tailored our products and services offering to meet these demands. We have enhanced solutions to help our customers:

  • Adapt to entire workforces working from home or remotely
  • Quickly increase the number of endpoints they have by performing critical deployments around the country
  • Allocate emergency equipment on short term rentals to clients migrating their staff to mobile devices
  • Monetise existing fleets to assist our clients with the financial burden of this period

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Short term rental of used equipment

Do you need to mobilise your workforce so that they can work from home but don’t have enough laptops or monitors? Industry Trading can assist by implementing a short term rental of used equipment to get your workforce back up and running. We have stock ready to go! Key benefits include:

  • Selecting used stock reduces the overall investment in the equipment, particularly when only required on a short term basis
  • You won’t have the large capital expense of an equipment purchase, freeing up funds to spend on other critical upgrades
  • You can wrap any of our services into the short term rental, including pre-deployment configuration and delivery

Sale and Lease Back

If you have recently purchased equipment and would like some of that capital expense returned so that it can be used on other critical upgrades, we can assist by implementing a sale and lease back solution.

In this scenario, the book value of your fleet will be assessed and stock would effectively be purchased then leased back to you, converting your investment into a regular operational expense. Key benefits include:

  • Unlocking funds spent on the initial, up-front purchase of equipment to use elsewhere
  • Spreading your repayments over time, converting from an initial capital expense to a regular operational expense
  • Working with a global, market-leading funding partner with great End of Lease service options

Staff relocations

We have modified our relocation solution to help our customers and their staff shift from working in the office to working from home.

Our dedicated services team can assist with the relocation of equipment to residential locations, so that your staff don’t have to. This solution includes:

  • Attending your office to securely pack and label equipment
  • Move the equipment to our vehicles for distribution to the final installation location
  • Implement a ‘no touch’ delivery or complete a full installation at a users location to get them operational

Critical deployments and staffing

Our national network of IT technicians has been working hard to assist our customers with their critical deployment needs as they scale their operations to cope with the new demands created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will work with you to quickly develop requirements and engage resources to implement a solution to give you the tools to service your clients to the level they have come to expect, seamlessly integrating into your teams or working behind the scenes. Key benefits include:

  • Our national network of professional IT technicians are ready and waiting
  • We can design a solution with you that best suits your needs and budget
  • We are currently delivering some of the largest IT deployments in the country for our Government, corporate, educational and channel customers

Safety measures

We have also adapted the way we service our customers, to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. We have implemented strict personal safety measures to minimise the risk of infection. These measures include:

  • Splitting teams/shifts to minimise contact and working in close proximity to one another
  • Increased use of PPE, including masks and gloves
  • Regular use of hand sanitiser
  • Thermal temperature scanning of all staff, twice daily
  • Increased awareness training to reinforce distancing and hygiene
  • Increased professional cleaning of the workplace, as well as regular sanitation of vehicles and tools