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Industry Trading services IT assets throughout the entire equipment lifecycle, ranging from pre-deployment activities through to data erasure and final equipment purchase. Any residual value remaining in de-installed assets can also be used to offset service costs, reducing or removing the cost to complete overall deployment activities. Contact Us to find out more!

Asset Buy Back

Selling to Industry Trading allows you to unlock the remaining value of your redundant equipment. Industry Trading has established global sales channels for new and second hand equipment which means that equipment can be purchased from clients for market-leading values. Moving these redundant assets into the secondary market delays recycling and helps to avoid landfill disposal.

Industry Trading offers two IT purchasing services to unlock the remaining value in your redundant IT equipment:

Full Service Asset Buy Back

Full Service Asset Buy Back allows you to retain ownership of redundant assets throughout the process. This is the current industry standard for IT remarketing. Your equipment is collected, tested and graded, prior to a final purchase price being established. Final transfer of ownership occurs when Industry Trading has paid for the tested equipment.

Hassle Free ‘as is’ Purchasing

Industry Trading has found some clients have had negative experiences with traditional remarketing, where chargebacks and service fees can exceed the purchase price offered on their assets.
Due to Industry Trading’s understanding of the continuing markets we are able to offer “as is” purchase prices for your redundant IT equipment.
As Industry Trading accepts the risk for damages etc. your disposal becomes a hassle free experience. You request a quote (advising make, model and status) and Industry Trading will provide a market competitive offer to purchase your equipment “as is”.
Your offer includes services such as collection and testing. Data destruction can also be provided on these assets for an additional fee.
Transfer of ownership is at the point of collection, with full payment prior to collection.

Project Management

Traditionally new installations are project managed to ensure successful implementation, however many other consultants consider the project successfully completed at the ‘go live’ stage.

This leaves you with storage rooms overflowing with your now redundant IT equipment for you to dispose of. This results in double handling and you will be effectively paying for removal twice.

Industry Trading are different, our team offers full service project management and disposal strategies. Industry Trading’s experienced project managers will work with you to integrate your disposal plan with your implementation plan.

To find out how we can help you with your next IT project, please Contact Us today.


Whether you require technical configuration or basic warehousing pre-deployment tasks, Industry Trading can provide the means to prepare your fleet for shipment to final installation locations around the country. Services include:

  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Asset Tagging and Tracking
  • BIOS Modification
  • Imaging
  • Electrical Safety Testing

Centralising pre-deployment services prior to delivery is a great way to reduce onsite installation times which not only adds value to the overall service but reduces end-user impact and downtime. Contact Us today to find a solution that best suits your needs.


With a National network of service technicians, Industry Trading is well-equipped to supplement, or act as your deployment team. Appropriately skilled technicians can complete basic, bulk swap outs through to comprehensive, one-off installations as per the solution that best suits your needs.

Pre and post-deployment activities can also be seamlessly included as part of the deployment process, creating a ‘just in time’ scenario where equipment arrival and removal occurs in synchronisation with deployment tasks. This approach ensures that there is minimal disruption to end-users and leads to a positive deployment experience.


Industry Trading offers national logistics coverage through our extensive network of industry specialist partners and our own transport fleet. Whether transporting new equipment to site for deployment or removing End of Lease or End of Life equipment, Industry Trading can move your equipment to where it needs to be.

Industry Trading can also transport a wide variety of equipment, utilising specialised freight providers, where required.

Testing and Recovery

Industry Trading operates a full in-house testing and recovery centre where assets are tested, recovered as required and minor repairs are completed.

Data Destruction

Your data is your intellectual property (IP) and its security is of the upmost importance. At Industry Trading we offer two forms of data destruction:

Certified Data Erasure

This process is a software initiated multi pass destruction of data, effectively writing unusable data over all usable sectors of your hard drives.
Industry Trading uses market-leading software to ensure your data is erased in accordance with your current data securities policies and requirements, using industry standard erasure algorithms. Specific algorithms can be applied per batch to ensure the appropriate erasure level is achieved.
An itemised certificate of data destruction is provided with this service

Certified Hard Drive Destruction

This process is the physical destruction of the hard drive with the destroyed components recycled in a secure facility. This process is the current military standard for data destruction in Australia.
An itemised certificate of hard drive destruction is provided with this service.

IT Recycling

Protect your Data from desk to destruction.

Industry Trading offers secure IT recycling for your redundant IT assets, this is an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your IT assets. Industry Trading’s secure IT recycling processes ensure that your data undergoes secure data recycling and is protected from desk to destruction.

The Industry Trading warehouse is a fully secure location, with 24 hour electronic security and CCTV, so your data is secure prior to destruction.

Additionally all of our recycling is completed by ISO certified recyclers, who commonly achieve 98% diversion from landfill ratios.

To find out how we can help you with your secure IT recycling, please Contact Us today.

IT Refurbishment

Industry Trading test, rebuild and perform minor repairs onsite, this process ensures we achieve the highest possible sale prices for your end-of-life equipment. Industry Trading focuses on maximising sale prices, allowing us to offer market leading purchase prices for your equipment.

Additionally, Industry Trading offers secure refurbishment and corporate refurbishment. If your current equipment is not up to scratch in its current condition, it could be repurposed internally. We can collect your fleet of assets, refurbish and return your usable assets. We can also manage the disposal of uneconomic assets. We do not offer individual repairs.


Don’t go it alone, your ‘one day’ is our ‘everyday’.

Industry Trading provide expert advice on reducing your Total Cost of Ownership, through innovative disposal strategies.