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Hassle Free Solutions

Industry Trading strives to develop great working relationships with all of its clients around the world, creating solutions that best suit client requirements that also cause the least amount of disruption to end-users working days.

Contact Us today to find out how we can develop a solution, tailored to your needs, incorporating the following benefits:

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Safe and Secure
  • Best Net Returns
  • Upfront Payments

Nationwide Coverage

With asset drop off locations in all major capital cities, deployment capabilities utilising trusted partners and a nationwide logistics network, Industry Trading is well placed to service all business types, including those with a vastly distributed footprint.


Industry Trading utilise the services of trusted logistics providers with national coverage as well as our own fleet of vehicles. A tailored logistics solution is implemented for each project to ensure the most appropriate service is utilised and our clients receive the best possible value.


Our strategic partnerships with like-minded deployment partners have given us nationwide coverage to service even the most remote sites. Technicians with a wide range of skills can be deployed to satisfy your installation requirements. Deploying a technician with the appropriate skillset also means that you’re not paying for skills that you do not need.

Safe and Secure

Industry Trading has implemented stringent processes and procedures to ensure that your equipment is handled in an appropriate manner. We only use tried and tested logistics partners to transport equipment from your site to our nearest processing facility, or vice versa. We work closely with our logistics partners to ensure a high level of tracking and coordination is achieved.

We also take data security very seriously. Strict procedures are in place to segregate equipment requiring secure erasure prior to the erasure process itself. Your assets are then processed and erased using market-leading software – Blancco. Blancco is highly certified and recommended by agencies around the world and is highly auditable. Once complete, Industry Trading Project Managers can provide the appropriate data erasure certificates to clients.

Best Net Returns

Industry Trading offers a unique opportunity to clients – combining market-leading asset buy prices with very reasonable service fees. This combination ensures the best possible net return to clients.

Our global asset remarketing team has a great understanding of asset price trends around the world. Our buy prices are driven by these trends and subsequent demand for specific pieces of equipment. Having a global reach ensures that these price movements result in the best net returns for our clients.

Upfront Payments

In some cases, stock can be paid for prior to the release of equipment from your site. Adding to our hassle free approach, upfront payments can simplify the disposal process of your redundant or End of Life equipment.

In this scenario, transfer of ownership will occur when Industry Trading staff collect or receive the equipment, limiting the number of transactions required to complete the deal, enabling you to get back to your day-to-day job.